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New brand? New commission book!

Hey guys!

Here it is, a real website and blog for The Silver Shed, a place where I can share a little more info about the workings of the brand.

If you follow my social media accounts you’ll know that I have been battling over branding lately, I have been questioning if The Silver Shed is still relevant and represents me like it used to. My style has evolved so much over the years, I am producing more bespoke pieces, working a lot more with gold and creating wedding ranges. This doesn’t quite fit under The Silver Shed name.

However, I have come to realise that this brand is still important to me and my loyal followers. So, instead of changing it I am going to extend it. When I started out I wanted to produce work that was individual and of quality but not inaccessible. This is still true, so The Silver Shed by Gemma Atwell is going to stay and I am going to develop a ‘sister’ brand for my higher end work.

The other change is due to my work load effecting commissions. At present I get requests and make items as and when, but this just isn’t feasible anymore.  They are becoming rushed and I often make a loss so I am introducing a new system that will make personalised pieces more cost effective for me and you, and make it easier to put a timescale on delivery.

I will open my commission book for a limited time at the beginning of each month and will only take orders for personalised pieces during that time. I will always announce my schedule on Facebook and Instagram so please follow me on those outlets if this is important to you. Turn around is generally 3-4 weeks at the moment so you will need to think ahead of time if you’re looking for a gift.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you all have a great Easter break xx


Love Gemma